The Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression

There are two keys to survival: Endurance and hope. Every step you take, no matter how torturous, carries you closer to the warmth and rebirth of spring. And spring will come. As it always has. As it always will. The Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression will teach you how to endure until Spring comes once again.

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To survive you must keep moving

Free yourself from the cold dark coils of depression and the mortal danger of succumbing to the bleak joyless emptiness of the world’s cruelest and most common mental illness.

Your journey begins with the bitter onset of winter. Plodding through energy-sapping snow and rising marrow-deep cold you soldier on. Instinctively, you know that your suffering is recognized by others who have walked this dark path before you. When this knowledge brings with it a wave of relief so intense that it carries you to the brink of tears, know that it carries many other wayfarers beyond.

The Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression will teach you how to not give in to the dreadful desolate seemingly inevitable nature of your predicament. On your journey, you will discover a spark of hope to light up the gloom. From this spark grow embers followed by the first few flickering flames of promise. Spring will come.

Patients share reactions to the Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression MindMovie.

The journey through The Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression is different for each of us. However, patients continue to respond to this immersive audio experience in a number of significantly similar ways: A sense of relief. A sense of “being heard”. A powerful surge of emotion. A feeling of being better equipped to communicate the depth of their suffering to others. A sense of hope springing from the knowledge that winter will end eventually with the inevitable return of spring.

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