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By supporting your psychological health and wellbeing Metaphorical Therapy helps you avoid mental illness.

The Keystone Principles of mental health

The Metaphorical Therapy System is an empowering new approach to maintaining your mental wellness. It is fast, flexible, and, often even fun.

Metaphorical Therapy is a complete system of linked metaphors expertly chosen to illustrate and establish the four essential Keystone Principles of Psychological Health. Together, these four principles form a solid foundation for maintaining mental well-being. They may even help you avoid mental illness alltogether.

At the heart of the Metaphorical Therapy System is the overarching master-metaphor we call The Unifying Spiral. This dynamic visual clearly unites and organises your four keystone principles to help you gain a deep objective understanding of your relationships and of aspects of your mental health that you might need to address.

Metaphorical Therapy is a world-first. It allows you to dive deeply and safely into your subconscious to create a solid framework of understanding upon which you can build resilience, lasting mental wellness, and even a measure of protection against mental illness.

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Principle One

Self-Preservation. You can't help anyone if you don't first help yourself.

You can’t help others if you allow yourself to become depleted, exhausted and run down. Remember the example of the oxygen mask on a plane: You have to put your own mask on before attempting to help others. Self-preservation may seem simple, however, putting it into practice can be extremely difficult. Our minds constantly wrestle with the concept of ‘community before self’ ingrained and embedded by our evolutionary history. Self-sacrifice is not self-preservation. It is not a virtue and it helps nobody.

Metaphorical Therapy will change the way you think about self-preservation in ways that will benefit your mental health, as well as the mental wellness of your loved ones.

Self-preservation is critical, without it, all your other keystone principles collapse. (That’s why we call them keystones.)

Principle Two

Boundaries. Good fences make good neighbours.

Boundaries separate and protect. Boundaries form a metaphorical line that clearly defines the limits of our responsibilities and obligations.

Defining and enforcing personal boundaries is fundamental to your ongoing emotional and psychological resilience and mental wellness. They help you to develop a clear sense of identity and a sense of self.

However, in practice, defining and enforcing boundaries can be difficult. Especially when other people have become used to your boundaries being ambiguous or porous. Metaphorical Therapy uses different visual metaphors to help you set boundaries appropriate to different people and particular situations in your life.

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Principle Three

Self-worth. Your time, love and energy are precious emotional gold.

You can’t find happiness if you are carrying a leaking bucket of self-esteem. Knowing that you are valuable, worthy and loved is vital to your psychological health.

Like gold, your time, love and energy are precious and rare. Metaphorical Therapy will help you recognise your own self-worth, thus empowering you to objectively evaluate your relationships and make healthy decisions about how much to invest and in whom. Healthy relationships are equal and reciprocal.

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Principle Four

Processing emotion. You have to feel it to heal it

Processing emotion can be tricky. Many of us find it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of what is upsetting.  We find even hard to articulate exactly how we’re feeling.

To achieve lasting mental wellness, you must understand and manage your emotions, and strive to heal and retire your unresolved issues. This is especially important in the context of issues like coming to terms with grief.

Metaphorical Therapy helps you map out a clear path to processing emotional upset, starting with the basics of identifying and expressing your upset and then progressing over time, towards acceptance and resolution.

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Your Keystone Principles all come together on your Unifying Spiral.

The final key piece of your metaphorical puzzle is the powerful, all-encircling Unifying Spiral. Easy to understand and remember, The Unifying Spiral unites your four Keystone Principles. Your Spiral is an intuitive visual tool that helps organise and evaluate your feelings adjust your thinking and change your behaviour.

The Unifying Spiral is dynamic, adapting with ease to life’s constant changes. It empowers you to evaluate your relationships and adjust the proximity of people on your Spiral accordingly. It puts you in control and, over time, its use will become second nature.

The Unifying Spiral is the central organising principle of the Metaphorical Therapy System. It will guide you steadily towards lasting resilience, psychological health and mental wellbeing.

How do you feel?

In crisis

I am struggling to hold things together.


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I worry about everything all the time.


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I have been sad and miserable for a long time.


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I continue to use even though I know it is bad for me.

In pain

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I am constantly in pain. It seems to go on and on and it never stops.
Preventing mental illness
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