Metaphorical Therapy MindMovie Libraries

Libraries are where you’ll find your MindMovies, tapestries of music, voices, and sound design, that deliver key insights along with patient-proven management and coping strategies for common psychological problems.

What is a MindMovie Library?

A MindMovie Library is a compilation of high-quality audio files. Each Library relates to a psychological problem through the medium of a particular, powerful, time-proven metaphor. At the heart of each Library is an immersive surround sound journey that delivers a high-quality, memorable experience. Within each Library, you will also find supporting tracks on which Dr. Mark Whittington explains the metaphors and how they relate to each specific problem in finer detail as well as invaluable insights from patients and their partners.

MindMovies will be coming soon in their full format as part of a new Metaphorical Therapy smartphone app.

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Coming soon - smartphone app

Coming soon: smartphone app

Work on our smartphone app is now underway. The app will bring the power of Mind Movies right where it’s needed most, right in the palm of your hand.

Coming soon:
smartphone app

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