Depression is the world's most serious and pressing mental illness

The world health organization predicts that by 2030, depression will be the world’s leading cause of mortality and morbidity. It will be the leading cause of the overall global burden of disease.

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The life-saving spark in the darkness of depression is hope

At its tragic worst depression convinces people that their lives aren’t worth living. The number of people succumbing to suicide globally every year is fast approaching a million and the key driver of this dark statistic is depression.

Depression is a serious and tragically often fatal disease. Every four minutes a person succumbs to suicide! Depression can be incapacitating and thus beyond the scope of cognitive therapy. Major depression frequently requires medication and must be treated by a professional.  When you are seriously depressed you cannot make rational decisions or even function adequately in many other ways. However, once you are settled and thinking clearly Metaphorical Therapy comes into its own.

After decades of trial and error, the metaphor we chose for depression is that of a journey through a long harsh personal winter. The purpose of the journey is to find that precious life-saving kernel of hope while internalizing the message that spring will come. As it must. As it does. As it always will.


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How do you feel?

In crisis

I am struggling to hold things together.


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I worry about everything all the time.


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I have been sad and miserable for a long time.


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I continue to use even though I know it is bad for me.

In pain

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I am constantly in pain. It seems to go on and on and it never stops.
Preventing mental illness
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