The Storm of Anxiety

The most complex aspect of treating anxiety stems from its debilitating tendency to grow exponentially by feeding on itself like a terrifying cyclical tropical storm. The Storm of Anxiety teaches you how to free yourself by breaking this toxic cycle.

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Your fear of the storm makes it stronger

Proven elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy delivered by the Storm of Anxiety MindMovie™ will yield excellent results for those swamped by waves of worry, thunderous fear, and relentless lightning strikes of panic.

Effective strategies for coping with severe anxiety are well within your reach. Remember, if you don’t address the problem, you risk being ground down by unremitting tension and worry to the point where you will become vulnerable to depression. Once a person suffers from both anxiety and depression they are in serious danger and in urgent need of help. Depression and anxiety feed off each other. Each makes the other worse. This is why they are often called the terrible twins.

The Storm of Anxiety will teach you how to float above the angry ocean of worry and the wild stormy waves of terror. It will help you free yourself from the self-perpetuating cycle of fear and set you on a course for calmer, more peaceful waters.

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Coming soon - smartphone app

Coming soon: smartphone app

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