Don't let crisis tip you into serious mental illness

It is incredibly difficult to stay psychologically healthy when you are beset by a serious crisis. Metaphorical Therapy is designed to help you make the best of the worst of times.

Survive crisis by manning the fort

No matter how mentally robust or psychologically resilient we think we are, circumstances can conspire against us in ways that drive even the strongest of us to our knees. It’s easier to stay up than it is to get up after being knocked down.

One moment it’s an ordinary day then suddenly everything goes to hell in a handbasket. We’re ambushed by an unexpected death, the diagnosis of a dread disease, the loss of a job, a financial catastrophe, or even an unforeseen global pandemic! One or more of these happening at the same time creates a perfect storm that can permanently damage your mental health.

The metaphor we use to help you survive a crisis is “Manning the Fort”.  Under siege the wise commander recognises the importance of basics like clean water, fresh healthy food, training, exercise, getting enough sleep, keeping up morale, rallying the troops, and focusing on the truth that the siege won’t last forever. As it is for the commander of a fortress under siege so it is for the individual beleaguered by crises.


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How do you feel?

In crisis

I am struggling to hold things together.


I worry about everything all the time.


I have been sad and miserable for a long time.


I continue to use even though I know it is bad for me.

In pain

I am constantly in pain. It seems to go on and on and it never stops.
Preventing mental illness
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