Harness the power of metaphors to improve your mental health

Metaphorical reasoning is the fundamental operating system of the human mind! Metaphorical Therapy leverages our innate potential to avoid mental illness. It helps us cope with common psychological problems by viewing them through the all-revealing lens of familiar often universal metaphors.

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An easy way to support your mental wellbeing


The rise of mental illness across the globe is alarming. Thanks to rapidly evolving technology we’ve surged ahead in many areas of healthcare. However, the mental health crisis has been largely ignored.

Until now.

The Metaphorical Therapy System harnesses the proven power of metaphors to address common psychological problems and help you achieve lasting mental wellness.

Developed by Dr. Mark Whittington, a Psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience, the System brings desperately-needed, easily accessible help and hope to millions of people struggling with serious, but sadly increasingly common, psychological problems.

Metaphorical Therapy uses expertly linked metaphors to help you explore your issues safely through a metaphorical lens. It’s fast, engaging, and flexible. What’s more, it’s as easy for practitioners to integrate into normal therapy sessions as it is for ordinary people to use as a potent self-help resource.

Like the many hundreds of patients who have already experienced the benefits of Metaphorical Therapy, you will soon come to appreciate its potential to dramatically alter the landscape of cognitive therapy and psychological education.

The world’s first metaphor-driven approach to preventing mental illness while maintaining psychological health and wellbeing has arrived.

How do you feel?

In crisis

I am struggling to hold things together.


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I worry about everything all the time.


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I have been sad and miserable for a long time.


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I continue to use even though I know it is bad for me.

In pain

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I am constantly in pain. It seems to go on and on and it never stops.
Preventing mental illness

How Metaphorical Therapy works

Your brain processes images in a jaw-dropping 13 milliseconds. Metaphorical Therapy turbocharges this incredible innate speed of cognition with a metaphorical “toolbox” jampacked with powerful expertly interlinked metaphors.

See how the keystone principles of Metaphorical Therapy help to trigger the deep intuitive understanding that empowers you to change negative behaviour and put an end to unhealthy patterns of thinking.
For You

A clinically developed, intuitive, and extraordinarily easy-to-use approach to avoiding mental illness by maintaining your psychological health and wellbeing is now at your fingertips.

For Health Professionals

You’ve nothing to lose and much to gain. Give Metaphorical Therapy a try. You may well find yourself delighted by the discovery that it helps you deliver more engaging and more efficient therapy in less time.

For Organisations

Mental illness costs world business a trillion dollars every year. Utilizing Metaphorical Therapy to support your people’s mental health is sensible business and good governance.

For Educators

Making it easier to teach the crucial principles of psychological health that have been proven to help protect adults, teenagers, and even young children from the scourge of mental illness.


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MentalFloss by Metaphorical Therapy will bring the power of MindMovies right where it’s needed most, right in the palm of your hand.

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