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Buoyancy (eBook)


Build resilience with this high-octane distillation of the fundamentals of mental health and psychological wellbeing in a convenient pint-sized power-pack.


The Keystone Principles of Mental Health in a pint-sized power-pack

Build up your resilience with this super-economical, cut-down, essentials-only edition that’s ideal for practitioners, teachers, and parents. This is the Metaphorical Therapy System distilled down to its vital active ingredients.  Fast facts and invaluable information in a convenient pint-sized value-packed version of the world’s first complete system of expertly interlinked therapeutic metaphors.

In the foreword of the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink no-holds-barred collector’s edition of Therapy at the Speed of Sight, clinical Psychologist Dr. Simon Zuscack wrote: “Metaphorical Therapy is a vial that can be filled with any applicable antidote.” Think of this book as that vial filled with a concentrated metaphorical mental wellness vaccine.

It is far easier to help people avoid going over a cliff than it is to put them back together when they lie broken at the bottom. Prevention is the essence of Metaphorical Therapy’s mission. It’s also what this focussed compact self-help book is all about. Help us progress towards a world where the basic principles of psychological health and wellbeing are available everywhere and are taught to all. The more we share the stronger we get.

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