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Patient Resource Material Illustrated Lessons (eBook)


A metaphorical goldmine of illustrations and written explanations. Each lesson uses familiar universal metaphors to highlights a keystone principles of mental health. Pages can be printed and handed to patients to reinforce the lessons outlined in the Clinician’s Guide for which these resources are the perfect partner.

Great Medicine for Practitioners and Patients Alike

Each lesson is a stand-alone tutorial that can be given to any individual to address specific problems. Use the companion Clinicians’ Guide handbook which provides a series of pre-formatted 5-10 minute psychological lessons that can be given by anyone from GP’s to psychologists, nurses, teachers and even parents. This resource material will help you harness the power of metaphors to enhance analogies and simnple common sense. (Early results from our pilot research has already indicated that Metaphorical Therapy is an extraordinarily effective tool for kinaesthetic teaching basic of basic psychological hygiene.) The System is perfect for everyone from adults to teenagers and even surprisingly young children. This resource material is metaphorical gold mined over more than 30 years of hands-on clinical experience.


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