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Metaphorical Therapy Clinician’s Guide Scripted Lessons (eBook)


Welcome to easily taught psychological principles that help you teach your patients how to protect themselves from difficult and dangerous people while maintaining healthy, equal and reciprocal relationships.

Teach your patients psychological self-defense.

Metaphorical Therapy employs the power of metaphors, analogies, common sense and logic to teach you and your patients healthy psychological principles that will be easily

remembered. Basic psychological hygience can produce a dramatic and rapid change in your patients’ thinking and behaviour in a remarkably short period of time.

The Clinician’s Guide condenses the metaphorical messages contained in my self-help book Building Bridges and Boundaries into easy-to-follow distinct scripted lessons. The lessons are simple, and effective not to mention effortlessly remembered by teachers and patients alike. The lessons will profoundly improve your clinical skills and may be given in part or in full.

The Clinician’s Guide will help the psychiatrist, GP, psychologist, general or psychiatric nurse, counsellor and teacher. The principles are as universal as the method of Metaphorical Therapy is powerful.



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