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Criticism of Naomi Osaka is way out of bounds

Anyone who has experienced the Long Harsh Personal Winter of Depression would not for one moment doubt the veracity of Naomi Osaka’s admission that she is suffering with depression.

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“Either that wallpaper goes or I do.” Famous last words of Oscar Wilde

The wallpaper stayed. Gallows humour is a basic human instinct.

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4 min read
Our profession is infected with jargon (and our patients are suffering)

So how long have I got Doc?

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4 min read
Without self-preservation you’re dead in the water

Knowing something intellectually is not enough.

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Managing your emotional investments

What am I worth? The question has nothing to do with your bank balance, what you drive or how many toys you have.

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14 min read
Spiral into control

One metaphor to rule them all. The Unifying Spiral is precisely what it sounds like.

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The extraordinary ability of metaphors to transcend ethnic and cultural boundaries

Two wolves are locked in mortal combat for the prize of a Cherokee brave’s heart.

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