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Just for starters – 6 complete value-packed albums including The Storm of Anxiety, The Winter of Depression, Holding The Fort-Managing Crises and The Wildfire of Addiction MindMovies™.

Effective strategies for coping with severe anxiety and depression are well within your reach.  You will receive constant updates along with brand new MindMovies each dealing with various problems and different aspects of mental illness. Learn patient-proven strategies and start feeling better today.

Our free app comes with the first album complimentary.  9 tracks to get you started on your mental wellness journey.



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MentalFloss by Metaphorical Therapy will bring the power of MindMovies right where it’s needed most, right in the palm of your hand.

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Crisis are never simple

Holding the Fort – Managing Crises, will highlight the significance of being ready in dealing with life’s potential crises. To every life there come times when our ability to cope is seriously challenged. Trying times when we feel powerless and overwhelmed. Times when we find ourselves struggling to cope. Knowing how to manage crises plays an absolutely critical role in avoiding mental illness.

Track Listing:
01 Getting Ready to Hold the Fort
02 Holding the Fort – A Story about Managing Crisis
03 Looking Back on Holding the Fort
04 A look Inside your Holding the Fort Metaphorical Toolbox
05 Introduction to Meditation with Metaphorical Meaning
06 Holding the Fort and Metaphorical Therapy’s keystone principles of mental health.


Learn how to float above the terror of the storm

Proven elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy experienced in the MindMovies™ will yield excellent results for those swamped by waves of worry, thunderous fear, and relentless lightning strikes of panic.

The Storm of Anxiety will teach you how to float above the angry ocean of worry and the wild stormy waves of terror. It will help you free yourself from the self-perpetuating cycle of fear and set you on a course for calmer, more peaceful waters.

Track Listing:

  1. Preparing for the Storm
  2. The Storm of Anxiety
  3.  Looking back on your voyage through the Storm of Anxiety 
  4.  Mementoes, reminders and souvenirs – your Metaphorical Toolbox
  5.  A closer look at the contents of your Metaphorical Toolbox
  6.  Metaphorical Meditation with Meaning #1
  7.  Progressive Relaxation, Meditation #2
  8.   A Patient’s Perspective #1
  9.  A Patient’s Perspective #2
  10.  A Partner’s Perspective
  11. The Storm of Anxiety and your Keystone Principles


Hope and endurance are your keys to survival

The Winter of Depression will teach you to free yourself from the cold dark coils of depression and the mortal danger of succumbing to the bleak joyless emptiness of the world’s cruelest and most common mental illness.

Track Listing:

  1. Preparing for Winter
  2. The Winter of Depression
  3. Looking back on the Winter of Depression
  4. Your Metaphorical Toolbox: Tools to help you survive winter
  5.  Supercharge your meditation
  6. A patient tells how they used their Metaphorical Tools
  7. A Patient’s Perspective
  8.  A Partner’s Perspective
  9.  Winter of Depression and your Keystone Principles

Trigger Warning: MindMovies are intense immersive experiences that contain elements which certain sensitive listeners may find distressing.


Access to all new content, that includes 1 new therapy album focusing on addiction. We will be releasing additional content on a regular basis to support your journey.

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