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Book: Metaphorical Therapy: Therapy at the Speed of Sight (Soft Cover)


Impossible to pigeonhole. Iconoclastic. Entertaining. Richly rewarding. An incredibly refreshing genre-busting one-of-a-kind read destined to take pride of place on the desks and bedside tables of clinicians, teachers, parents and ordinary everyday people alike.


Therapy at the Speed of Sight

A unique and eclectic deep dive into the origins, theory, and science of the Metaphorical Therapy System. Captivating twists of side-splitting humour sit alongside solid science illuminated by brilliant flashes of insight.

Metaphorical reasoning is the operating system of the human mind and visual cognition happens in a jaw-dropping 13 milliseconds. Exploit the speed of our primary innate method of reasoning by harnessing the power of precisely targeted and expertly interlinked visual metaphors. Therapy at the Speed of Sight is fun, fast, flexible and deeper than the Mariana Trench.

  • Link familiar universal metaphors to the keystone principles of psychological health and wellbeing.
  • Expand your emotional intelligence.
  • Build bridges of understanding and frameworks of meaning.
  • Learn effective new coping and management strategies.
  • Laugh.

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