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Without self-preservation you’re dead in the water

February 1, 2021
By Dr. Mark Whittington

Knowing something intellectually is not enough

The Metaphorical Therapy  system teaches you a fundamental psychological principle through the shackling of a metaphor you already know, understand and accept. In doing this I convert an intellectual truth into an universal emotional truth, and as a result you will change the way you both think and behave. Knowing something intellectually is not enough; emotionally accepting it is the key to enable you to change your behaviour and be healthy.

I chain the oxygen mask in the plane to the principle of self-preservation, a fence to the principle of boundaries, and self-worth is my “Gold”, my time, love and energy which I invest and expect a return. I won’t explain what’s happening behind the scenes psychologically, it’s not necessary to help you. I just want you to extract the most benefit efficiently, quickly and permanently, hence my succinct chapters, memorable phrases and educational illustrations.

Adults and children learn more from consequences than anything else

The chapters build on each other, from foundations of self-preservation, boundaries, self-worth moving up to your family, friends and relationships. I then give you an emotional education and explain how consequences teach both children and adults and are critical to bring about change.

I provide an insight into what it’s like to experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety or Depression, because they are real problems. People with these conditions need help, support and care; not criticism.

Grieve, recover, settle, survive

The System does not shy away from serious problems and challenges. There is even a section titled “when life gets serious and you go to war”, which you will find both practical and profoundly helpful. While you may not have the experience or skill to deal with an addict or a disturbed person, the System can help you towards developing an effective strategy to manage difficult and dangerous people.

Metaphorical Therapy will I’ll help you mop up emotionally, grieve your losses, lick your wounds, settle yourself and above all SURVIVE.

About the author

Dr. Mark Whittington Founder

A graduate of the distinguished Otago Medical School, Dr Mark Whittington has more than 30 years’ experience working at the clinical coalface as a Consultant Psychiatrist.

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