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You can’t be healthy without healthy boundaries

January 16, 2021
By Metaphorical Therapy

Without boundaries there isn’t even a you

Without boundaries you cannot have a country, a property or even an identity. Healthy boundaries are imperative to your psychological health and mental wellbeing. Many common relationship complications and their attendant emotional issues can be traced directly back to boundary problems and weaknesses. Self-Preservation and Boundaries are entirely co-dependent and inter-reliant. Without a barrier between you and the world you cannot expect to be safe. Boundaries are not walls built to keep the world out. They are not about isolation. They are about protection. More importantly they are about separation and about setting limits. Boundaries are about empowering you to be the master of your own psychological domain with the means and authority to decide who you let in and who you keep out! Boundaries are vital to your emotional and psychological survival. They Boundaries define who you are while protecting your feelings against abuse by others.

From a line in the sand to razor-wire

“Boundary” is an abstract concept. This results in them frequently being misunderstood, ambiguous and therefore trespassed upon. However, when one uses a concrete visual metaphor like a fence or a wall, your grasp and perception deepen instantly. You will find that your conscious and subconscious can effortlessly unpack these visualised bundles of meaning. This is exactly how Metaphorical Therapy makes your perception of your own personal boundaries explicit: from a metaphorical double-brick wall to a razor wire fence in the case of an enemy to a picket fence or a nominal line in the sand for a trusted friend or a life-partner. This concrete, simple and easily understood visual language is suffused with deep meaning that a makes an essential powerful fundamental psychological principle more easier to illustrate and thus instinctively and intuitively understood on a deep and even subconscious level.

The Eureka Moment

When going through the Boundaries Keystone Module many people have reported experiencing what we have come to call a “eureka moment”. This being that moment when you experience a flash of recognition and exclaim, “Oh my God! That’s me! I’ve done that!” These personal revelations are the key purpose of the section we call boundary trespasses. This is the section wherein we use the system of Metaphorical Therapy to illustrate the familiar of patterns that reveal where we fail and mismanage our personal psychological boundaries.  For example; in the image of someone tipping rubbish over your fence the concept of being saddled with the problems of another is implicit; as is the point that your private boundaries need to be established, enforced and maintained.  Similarly; creating conflict and a boundary dispute to establish and retain ownership of your psychological and metaphorical property is a clear illustration of how essential boundaries are to maintaining not only our self-respect but our very sense of self and identity.

Refurbish, re-enforce and restore

Think of your keystone modules as the refurbishment, re-enforcement and restoration your psychological self from the ground up. You will find that together, your five keystones form a rock-solid foundation for maintaining your ongoing mental health. Furthermore, understanding boundaries is a critical success factor in any therapeutic recovery process that requires one to manage and process difficult emotional and psychological issues. In module one; we established that the psychologically healthy individual must practice self-preservation. Clearly the definition and enforcement of personal boundaries is fundamental to not only to self-preservation; it is essential to your ongoing psychological resilience and mental health in general. 

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