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Coming Soon: The Winter of Depression (audio album and App)


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No matter how harsh, bitter, and cruel the winter, spring will come. As it always has. As it always will. Learn how to endure until spring comes once again.



Hope and endurance are your keys to survival

Free yourself from the cold dark coils of depression and the mortal danger of succumbing to the bleak joyless emptiness of the world’s cruelest and most common mental illness.

Track Listing:

1. Preparing for Winter
2. The Winter of Depression
3. Looking back on the Winter of Depression
4. Your Metaphorical Toolbox: Tools to help you survive winter
5. A patient tells how they used their Metaphorical Tools
6. A Patient’s Perspective
7. A Partner’s Perspective
8. The Winter of Depression: Metaphorical Meditation with Meaning
9. Winter of Depression and your Keystone Principles

Feature 1

Learn how to build a fire from a spark of hope.

Feature 2

Learn how to keep moving forward even when you feel you can’t.

Feature 3

Learn how to endure in the certain knowledge that eventually spring will come again.

Coming soon:
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