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Coming Soon: The Storm of Anxiety (audio album and App)


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Anxiety feeds upon itself like a terrifying revolving tropical storm. Learn how to break the cycle.


Learn how to float above the terror of the storm

Proven elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy experienced in the Storm of Anxiety MindMovie™ will yield excellent results for those swamped by waves of worry, thunderous fear, and relentless lightning strikes of panic.

The Storm of Anxiety will teach you how to float above the angry ocean of worry and the wild stormy waves of terror. It will help you free yourself from the self-perpetuating cycle of fear and set you on a course for calmer, more peaceful waters.

Track Listing:

  1. Preparing for the Storm. Presented by Dr. Mark Whittington
  2. The Storm of Anxiety
  3.  Looking back on your voyage through the Storm of Anxiety 
  4.  Mementoes, reminders and souvenirs – your Metaphorical Toolbox
  5.  A closer look at the contents of your Metaphorical Toolbox
  6. The Storm of Anxiety: Metaphorical Meditation with Meaning
  7.   A Patient’s Perspective
  8.  A Partner’s Perspective
  9. The Storm of Anxiety and your Keystone Principles


Feature 1

Learn how to break the destructive cycle of the self-perpetuating Storm of Anxiety.

Feature 2

Learn effective new coping strategies that help evade lightning strikes of panic.

Feature 3

Learn how to break the toxic patterns of thinking that feed your anxiety.

Coming soon:
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